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Proven Water Damage Restoration Services

Have you recently had water damage in your home or business?

Have you had a flood in your home?

Are you looking for a water removal company?

Do you have fire damage?

Are you concerened with mold?

It is important to ensure your home is safe after your water damage restoration company has finished the job. We want all of our customers/clients to feel safe from water damage and mold problems after we have finsished repairing and restoring your home. We use special tools to evaluate the moisture in the air, check for hidden pockets of water and have a check list to ensure your home is safe.

A1R Water, Fire & Mold - Water & Fire Damage Company

A1R Water, Fire & Mold provides emergency and affordable water and fire damage solutions in the United States. We partner with local restoration companies to provide you fast, reasonable and professional services. Call for a free estimate: (877) 246-8788

Insurance Claims & Process

There are a range of restoration services available for you to choose from and we partner with some of the best certified and qualified companies to help you. There is no job that is "too big" and cannot be done by our team of professionals. Our team can help you with water, fire, mold, floods and storms for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

We try to preserve and save as much of your home and personal belongings as possible. It is a good idea to take note of all the structures and items in your home that have been damaged. You are also going to want to take note of all the personal belongings that were damaged and what their cost and worth were prior to the damage taking place. This way when we help you file your insurance claim, we can help you get your home and all damaged personal items replaced or restored.

Water Removal & Dryout

In many cases al you need is water removal and dry out services. We use state-of-the-art commercial grade water removal and dry out equipment that can effectively remove the water and dryout your home. In many cases this is still going to be an insurnace claim depending on the size of the job. We also will inspect the property for any potential additional damage. The faster you act and call Action 1, the less potential damage there will be.

Upon being contacted, the service will send its representative to not only assess the property, but to provide a free estimate. This enables the client to understand the case at hand and the course of action required to appropriately handle the water extraction and dry out that is needed. When the representative arrives, they are going to give you the estimate, contact your insurance company and they will have the necessary equipment to start the job immediately.

Cleanup and Repair

After the water has been removed, the cleanup and repair process starts. This will greatly depend on what was damaged in your home. Since we provide remodeling and water damage repair, our trained and qualified local contractors will be starting this immediately following the water removal process.

On a continual basis our team will continue to check and make sure the moisture levels are where they need to be throughout the entire process.

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Free Estimates

Thinking about calling in and understanding the ins and outs of this experienced team and its professionals?

Contact Action 1 Restoration now and speak with one of the proven customer service representatives as soon as possible to book an appointment. The team will sends its finest people to not only assess the property in question, but to provide a free estimate on the spot.

This ensures the client has enough time to assess the project and make sure they understand the course of action required to make things better and more aesthetic.

The professional is always willing to guide the client towards the right choice and remains flexible with the rates on offer. This is all part of ensuring the client is satisfied with the final results and what they wanted from the service.

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